We are sure you are aware of the pH scale for all those who have taken chemistry classes in school. Since we know that seven is the neutral number to go for, all ingredients and substances with less pH than the number seven are considered acidic, and all the above are considered essential.

If we incorporate this thinking into skincare, we might notice that we use some ingredients that we have not considered before as acidic on the skin. Such is Vitamin C.

Nevertheless, on the subject of exfoliating acids, there are two types you are probably already familiar with. These are AHA and BHA. If you are looking for acids that will provide exfoliating benefits, these are the ones to turn to. They can loosen up the fluid that tends to bind cells to the outer dermal layer in controlled formulas. This means that it manages to get rid of the dead cells from the skin.

This incredible routine’s benefits are healthier, shinier skin and less prone to acne and breakouts. So, you don’t need to worry about the acids after all. It is only natural to have doubts when you hear about exfoliating acids if you don’t know what they can do for you.

This is why we are looking deeper into the subjects of acids and enzymes and what they can do for your skin. We will unveil their true power and try to incorporate them into the skincare routine.

What are exfoliating acids?

Acids are the ingredients found in the skincare products we use for exfoliation. So, even if you thought you hadn’t used them before if you have used an exfoliant, chances are you have been in touch with them. Regarding skincare, there are two main types – alpha hydroxy acids (AHA) and beta hydroxy acids (BHA). Both can provide smooth, clear skin, an even tone, and a brighter complexion.

They can provide you with the process of shredding – literally. And depending on how powerful the exfoliating acid is, the shredding can sometimes be visible to the naked eye. If you have done some exfoliating lately and you have noticed that some small bits were falling off the skin’s surface, you should know that these are the dead cells we are talking about.

The first thing we need to do is look at the difference between the AHA and BHA.

AHA is the exfoliating acids that are considered soluble and do their magic on the skin’s surface. These are the perfect option for all those women who want to get rid of the dullness of the skin, treat a few fine lines, and even out the skin’s texture. These are the most common acids which are used on the skin. They manage to exfoliate the skin’s outer layers, resulting in a brighter and even complexion, texture, and tone. What is more, they are so powerful that they can even stimulate collagen production.

BHA, on the other hand, does the exact opposite of AHA. These exfoliating acids have the power to penetrate deep into the skin, thus making themselves useful in the prevention of any acne breakouts! The BHA manages to bind itself to the sebum – the oil on the skin. This is why the BHA is considered to be extremely powerful. It manages to go deeper into the skin, and it manages to get rid of all the pores that are clogged.

Now, these two categories of acids have the benefits that come with them. Since you have many options, we can see how you can easily get confused about which is best suited for your skin. This is why we have managed to break them down into a few categories. See them below and find out which exfoliating acid you should incorporate into your skincare routine.

  • Fruit acids – malic, citric, and tartaric acids are all to be included in this section! These are all a part of the AHA group, which can do wonders for the skin’s surface. They are considered the gentler types of exfoliating acids. If you are a beginner looking to incorporate new products into your natural skincare routine, these might be the perfect option! They have named fruit acids because they come from fruits such as grapefruits and malic (which usually derive from apples). Fruit acids are filled with more significant compounds that can work their way onto the outer layer of the skin. If you want to know how to boost fruit acids’ effectiveness, you can combine them with lactic or glycolic acids.
  • Lactic acids – represents the second smallest molecule of all the acids. It is much gentler than glycolic acid and is another AHA acid that can do wonders for your skin. Its superpower is to draw moisture, making it a hydrating option for the skin. The lactic acid exfoliator is created from fermented milk or sugar, and thankfully, it is so gentle that even people with hypersensitive skin can use it. We are adding a little fun fact for you here – in ancient Egypt; it was believed that people bathed in milk because it had a softening, exfoliating, and moisturizing effect on the skin. Nowadays, people dealing with flaky and dry skin rely on the lactic acid exfoliator.
  • Glycolic acids – another one of the AHA group, the glycolic acid exfoliator is a type that derives from sugar. It is also one of the most popular AHA acids used in skincare routines. Out of all the acids, this one has the smallest molecule, meaning it can penetrate deep into the skin. Of course, this is why it is considered one of the most effective exfoliating acids available. It is so powerful that it can penetrate deeply and do a deep exfoliation of the skin, and result in an evened-out skin tone. On top of that, the glycolic acid exfoliator can thicken the skin, regenerate collagen, and result in a perfectly shiny complexion. However, due to the powers it has, it also leaves a little bit of irritation risk. This means that your skin can get irritated if you use it very often.
  • Salicylic acids – last but not least, we move on to the most popular BHA acid there is. For those of you who have tried to minimize the breakouts on your skin repeatedly, you have probably come face-to-face with this incredible acid. This salicylic acid exfoliant can penetrate deep beneath the outer dermal layer, and get rid of all those clogged pores while getting rid of the dead skin cells too. The best part about it is that it has anti-inflammatory properties too, so if you are dealing with inflamed skin, the salicylic acid exfoliant will not cause further irritation.

Enzymes in skincare

Moving on to another important aspect of the skincare routine, we are touching upon the subject of enzymes. You can notice them on the labels of your favorite skincare products, and if you have ever wondered what they are or haven’t learned about them in school – today, we are getting you a step closer to them.

The enzymes are proteins, which are chains of amino acids. They can regulate the process of the chemical reactions within the cell metabolism without disrupting it in any way. Since they are often used in natural skincare, there is a good reason why. They are considered holistic and natural ingredients, but they have been recreated into active ingredients in certain products. Their main function is to signal communication between cell membranes. In simpler terms, this means that if enzymes are added to a certain product, it is only to accentuate the power of that particular product.

Enzyme use has numerous benefits, especially in terms of exfoliating. They have the power to break down the dead skin cells on the outer layer of the skin and create a smooth and healthy complexion. Furthermore, using enzymes in your natural skincare routine can even fight breakouts and hyperpigmentation.

Some of the perks that come with it include:

1.       Exfoliation, good for sensitive skin – if you happen to have extra sensitive skin and still want to do a gentle exfoliation, consider enzymes your best friends! It is an easy way for you to incorporate an exfoliating step into your skincare routine without causing irritation in any way.

2.       Pairs well with some other products – this is something we all want to hear! Enzymes tend to be added to a routine that includes anti-aging products or products that can repair sun damage to the skin. If the quality of the product is extremely high, then you don’t need to worry about a thing; the enzymes will do an excellent job of making your skin happy and healthy.

3.       Protecting the acid mantle – the enzymes maintain a neutral pH, which helps you in the process of making your skin look and feel excellent.

Some of the best enzymes are included below:

  • Pineapple enzyme – even though the pineapple has an acidic nature, it is still a good option to use on the skin due to its incredible properties. However, it is filled with wonderful benefits that can do wonders for you. For example, using pineapple enzyme for skin is noted when it is in the form of bromelain. This is a collection of natural enzymes that derive from the fruit and the stem. Bromelain is created into a fine white powder, which is later added to natural skincare products. The benefits that come with using pineapple enzyme for skin include gentle yet deep exfoliation and removing any damaged tissue from the dermal surface. This will leave you with a toned skin texture and smooth and shiny complexion.
  • Papaya enzyme – another one of the most powerful fruit enzymes that can do marvels to your skin is the papaya enzyme. The first benefit that comes with it is pure and gentle exfoliation. Any woman in the world would be happy to use a papaya cleanser product that contains these enzymes since it is an excellent ingredient! But we are here for another benefit – decreasing inflammation! The papaya enzyme is so soft and gentle that you can use it on even the most irritated skin. It will soothe the outer layers of the skin without inflaming it one bit. Naturally, the papaya cleanser will eliminate dead skin cells, leaving glowing skin behind.

After we have gone through the subjects of exfoliating acids and enzymes, and how they should be incorporated into a natural skincare routine; it is time to look at some best-sellers! We are providing you with a few options that can help you get started on your journey toward stronger, healthier skin!

  •  AHA Fruit Peel – this is a clay mask that can bring you all the benefits you never knew you needed! After only one use, you will notice that your skin will become radiant, clean, and hydrated.
  • Hyaluronic Perfecting Cream is the best facial moisturizer you will ever try! The power of its key ingredients brings some wonderful benefits to the table, including deep skin moisturizing.
  •  Spirulina Enzyme Mask – dead skin cells, enlarged pores, blackheads – you name it, this product can get rid of it! It is a special mask that can be used for any skin type, and result in deep cleansing, revealing a wonderful complexion.

Natural skincare has never been easier than it is today due to having numerous options to choose from. However, the products need to be truly natural and certified. Ours are completely organic, making them the perfect option for both professionals and women who are only getting started with their routines. If you are looking for some high-quality natural products that can make all the difference, then feel free to purchase our product lines! You will soon realize that they are what your skin has been missing all this time to feel and look good!

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