Thermoregulation – what is best for maintaining glowy, healthy skin?

Depuff and tighten the skin with the help of Cryo Facial Wand Therapy

If you have ever faced a dilemma on which approach to take for healthy, glowy skin, you are not alone! Many women nowadays have thought about icing or steaming their faces to get the best results and look healthier and younger, such as cryotherapy wands and hot steamed towels.

You will be glad to hear that you are not the only one confused about the approach. Before we begin, it would be good to be clear on one thing. Both the hot and the cold water treatments are excellent choices if you want to maintain the health and elasticity of the skin. The key is knowing which approach to use when dealing with a different issue.

Hot vs. cold temperatures and the effects on the skin

Breaking down the critical bits that come with hot and cold temperatures is essential. Hot temperatures are the ones that will increase the blood flow in the skin. This means the nutrients and oxygen will flow through the blood vessels – resulting in the stimulation of fibroblasts and the regrowth of any damaged tissues. On top of it all, any heat treatment will improve skincare products’ absorption. They will reach deeper down the skin, not only affecting the surface.

The cold temperatures, however, shrink the blood vessels, which changes the blood flow and causes the muscles in the face to constrict. With cryo facial wands, you can help all facial muscles retract for a short period. This is considered a unique workout in terms of the face’s structure.

What is the ideal temperature for the skin and face?

Nothing sounds more tempting than a long, hot shower after a day filled with responsibilities. However, extra hot water can do a lot of damage as it can do good. If you expose your skin to too much hot water, you might strip it of all the natural oils, leaving it dry. This means you must control how much you expose your body to hot water. Instead, we recommend you wash your face with lukewarm or cold water if you can handle it.

Cold water, on the other hand, works like a charm! It provides the skin with anti-inflammatory properties, can tighten the pores, calm the skin, and boost circulation. You can use cold water when your skin needs a little boost to look better.

Remember that hot water will only worsen the situation if you have specific conditions such as rosacea, irritation, or excessive skin dryness.

Nevertheless, if you know your skin type, both hot and cold treatments can benefit it. Take dry skin, for example. If skin is prone to dark spots, thin in texture, and quickly showing signs of aging, steaming the face is an excellent approach. This will bring a little color to the face by boosting circulation.

Another example is the pitta skin, which is susceptible skin. This means the skin is prone to acne and all types of inflammation. Try using cryotherapy wands, ice-cold water, cold face rollers, and cold spoons under your eyes. This is an excellent choice since the cold temperatures can calm it, and you will get glowy, healthy skin. Also, cold temperatures can prevent hyperpigmentation and give your skin the brightness it deserves.

Treat your skin with the power of different temperatures.

Specific skin conditions require particular handling and temperature. If your skin is prone to inflammation and rosacea, cold and extremely cold temperatures will do. Cryotherapy is the best choice for you. However, it would be best to remember that too much exposure to cold temperatures could lead to broken capillaries. Hence, the key is to balance cryotherapy wands and control the situation.

Depuff and tighten the eyes with the help of cryotherapy

There are a few things you should consider while we are on the subject of cryotherapy. This treatment involves using cryotherapy wands that are extremely cold or frozen to treat a vast array of skin conditions. This includes warts and skin tags, too.

If you want to try this technique, using some beauty tools you might already have in your home is best. However, cryo facial wands are your safest choice. They are an excellent set designed to do wonders for sensitive skin. The best way for a cryo wand to work on your skin is to combine it with face masks. Combined, they will provide a skin-sculpting effect.

Going to the other end of the spectrum with infrared saunas

Even a hot water technique can sometimes be good for circulation and the skin’s overall health. This technique will unclog the pores and detox your entire skin, making it look glowy.

If you want to try this technique, our safest bet is to use a hot, steamed towel.

A hot, steamed towel is excellent for those who want to give their skin some time off from being overworked with all types of makeup. This classic treatment will detoxify the skin and open up your pores. You should do this with specific cleansing masks – your skin will be grateful to you!

Since we have gone through the best temperature treatments, here are some of our highest-rated recommendations:

    • Tamanu Cleansing Oil – want the perfect topical agent that works well with these techniques? This cleansing oil will make your skin look fabulous.

    • Spirulina Enzyme Mask – do a deep cleanse and eliminate all the larger pores and blackheads. This mask removes all impurities from all skin types.

Invest in yourself while you invest in a brand that works for you! Please take a look at our product lines, like cryotherapy wands, oils, and masks, and choose the products best suited for you. Give natural skincare a chance, and you will be amazed by the results!

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