Sara Elizabeth Herbal Apothecary Facials and Skincare focuses on clean and healthy ingredients that are sustainable, natural, and non-toxic.

Made in San Diego.

Herbal Apothecary Facials and Skincare developed over many years by Sara Elizabeth, each and every ingredient of the Sara Elizabeth Botanical Skincare line has been hand-selected for efficacy, purity, quality, and potency.

Sara’s devotion to powerful herbal and natural anti-aging skincare doesn’t stop at her signature facials she utilizes a number of proprietary discoveries in her namesake product line, based on revolutionary direct cell communication. Ingredients from her botanical skincare traditionally sourced from animals are replaced in favor of Vegan, earth-friendly, plant-based alternatives. Sara believes that the source of each ingredient is as important as the ingredient itself. She seeks the majority of her ingredients from certified organic, wildcrafted, or fair-trade sources. The result is healthy, natural skin that glows – as a result, when you are mindful of what you apply to your skin everything aligns with harmonious beauty.

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