Beauty minerals for anti-aging skincare – why should we use them?

There is a certain extent to the logic of the saying – if the body is nurtured from the inside, the skin will show it. This does not mean you should use any high-end or hard-to-find products, just that you use the right ones for yourself. The ultimate goal is for a healthy body and skin to shine through everything you do.

The question that remains, however, is how you would like to age. Of course, many people would say that they do not want to age at all in the first place. This is why beauty and skincare companies have worked over the clock for a long time to develop new and revolutionary products that can slow down the aging process, at least slightly.

Anti-aging skincare has been a popular aspect of the health and wellness industry for a while now. In creating new and exciting products, many discoveries have led to some natural active compounds being added to this type of cosmetics. Since there are plenty of new additions to the skincare world, we are looking into a few compounds and beauty minerals for anti-aging skincare today, and we promise you will love them!

Minerals in Skincare

Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM)

MSM has been known to be a naturally occurring type of sulfur that can be found in every living thing. It is known as one of the most essential elements that can be found in the human body. Companies have labeled it a health mineral – its healing powers are almost endless.

MSM is not pure sulfur but contains many active ingredients that promote circulation throughout the body and fight inflammation. On top of that, methylsulfonylmethane has a vital role in the production of keratin and collagen in the body.

What are the benefits of methylsulfonylmethane in skincare?

As previously mentioned, anti-aging skincare is a popular subject among people everywhere in the world. It contributes to the talk by making itself the star of the party! Some of the MSM mineral benefits for the skin are connected to collagen. The collagen levels in the skin significantly drop after you hit 30 (sad but true). This layer of the skin starts getting thinner as you get older, which makes the skin look dryer, lose its radiance, and start showing off sagginess and wrinkles instead of that healthy glow.

The best way to avoid this is to start avoiding everything that could do some further damage to the skin. Stay out of the sun; if exposed to it, ALWAYS apply sunscreen. Consume healthy foods. Add some collagen-filled products to your skincare routine. It’s as easy as that. In terms of beauty products, other than hyaluronic acid and Vitamin C, which we have all learned to love and adore, MSM can play an important role too.

This is one of the minerals in skincare that can provide a significant improvement when it comes to the elasticity of the skin, improving firmness and reducing the dreaded wrinkles. Besides the collagen boost, you can even enjoy some other benefits, such as reducing the signs that manifest on the skin if you don’t use anti-aging skincare. These include visible fine lines, sagging of the skin, and discoloration. MSM acts as an antioxidant, bringing some anti-inflammatory properties to the table.

The bottom line with this ingredient is that it helps maintain the overall healthy look of the skin while giving it a lot of visible effects. Using methylsulfonylmethane, you can prepare your skin to absorb other active ingredients better. So, whatever way you look at it, it is a win-win situation.

Dimethylaminoethanol (DMAE)

Dimethylaminoethanol is an organic compound that can be found in the body. Its purpose is to relax muscle contractions and act as a neurotransmitter responsible for REM sleep. However, its powers do not end there. When it comes to natural skincare products, dimethylaminoethanol has shown to be the brightest star of them all! It contains some powerful features that can fight the damage done by the free radicals in the body and reduce the signs of aging. This is why this compound is becoming more and more popular in the anti-aging skincare world.

DMAE can maintain the skin’s elasticity and give your skin that youthful, plump look you have been looking for. Furthermore, DMAE can provide hydration and help retain water in those places where it is needed. Ultimately, it reduces the facial lines, which become more and more visible as time passes, and strengthens the collagen fibers.

The best thing about dimethylaminoethanol is that you can use it in your creams and serums and incorporate it into your daytime and nighttime routine. If you are one of those women whose primary concern is reducing the fine lines, wrinkles, sagging, and discoloration of the skin, this is the compound you should turn to.

On that note, we have gathered some of the best skin minerals containing these active compounds. We strongly advise integrating these products into your anti-aging skincare routine if you want to feel the power of methylsulfonylmethane and dimethylaminoethanol. After all, making sustainable and plant-powered skincare products more accessible to you is our top priority!

  •  Spirulina Enzyme Mask – this product can provide deep exfoliation and eliminate all the dirt accumulated on the skin’s outer layer. It will remove all impurities and give your skin a healthy, glowy look without you having to work too hard to achieve it.
  • Hyaluronic Perfecting Cream – using a cream that can make your skin look as youthful as ever has never made more sense than now! This incredible cream contains both MSM and DMAE and in combination with hyaluronic acid, this moisturizing cream does wonders for the skin!
  •  Rose Hip Moisture Quench Cream – topping off the list with an incredible product, the Rose Hip Moisture Quench Cream also includes excellent MSM and DMAE. It can soothe the skin and give back some of its lost radiance. A unique, must-try product!

Kaolin Clay

This deserves a special place on your skincare shelf, primarily because of the powerful properties that come with it. Kaolin clay has been used in many skincare products, including exfoliators, face masks, gels, treatments, etc.

If you have decided to use kaolin clay, get ready to absorb all the benefits that come with it. It can remove all excess oil from the outer layer of the skin, it can prevent any blackheads and acne from forming and is an excellent anti-aging skincare addition.

Ultimately, it gives your skin a healthy, youthful, and glowing look.

For that reason, we have created a product that will do all of this for you:

  • Turmeric & Mustard Seed Powder Mask – mature skin benefits most from this incredible mask! Its exceptional results include hydration and nourishment of the skin while cleansing it of dirt and making it youthful!

Bentonite Clay

Another discovery that is bound to make your life easier. The bentonite clay is the perfect product for you to use if you have turned to anti-aging skincare. Since your mid-thirties is when the body starts producing less collagen, the skin starts losing its elasticity and vividness. Bentonite clay is the perfect solution for these issues –  it manages to reduce wrinkles and can rebuild damaged skin cells which will help in the collagen production of the skin.

In addition, we are sharing one of the best products that can help you reap all the benefits of bentonite clay:

  • AHA Fruit Peel is a peel mask that will help you rejuvenate your skin and return it to its former glory. The wonderful acid blend combined with bentonite clay can do wonders you will enjoy for a long time!


If you haven’t used charcoal in your anti-aging skincare routine, it is time to begin! This compound can remove all impurities from the skin, leaving you with a healthy and matte finish. Charcoal is an excellent ingredient to minimize the pores, do a light exfoliation, and a deep cleanse simultaneously!

Let’s look at a bestseller and what it can do for you!

         Vitamin C & Charcoal Mask – this versatile and nutrient-filled mask can give you a lot of benefits! It can tone and soothe the skin and act as an antioxidant and anti-septic, with a final touch of lifting and toning the outer layer, making your skin look incredible!

The power of anti-aging skincare is grand; all you need to know is which aspects to focus on! If you feel like you need some help and want to use some exclusive products in your routine, then give our plant-based products a chance! Your skin will be enlightened and grateful that you did!

You can be a professional or simply an enthusiast – either way. Many benefits come with trying our skincare product lines. So try them out and let us know! We are at your disposal if you have any questions about our natural skin care products.

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