What are fatty acids, and how can they benefit the skin? 

When looking for something that would work well in your skincare routine – in this particular instance, a facial oil – you may soon notice that the market is oversaturated with them. This is because there are so many benefits from so many options, and companies want to ensure that people get the choice they deserve.

In this case, we will discuss what makes these facial oils unique. To put it simply –  it’s fatty acids, which are too many to count. These acids are a critical component that protects the outer layer of the skin. Naturally, the idea of adding some more of that magic potion to protect your face and skin seems like a logical step. Nevertheless, that is not always the case.

As with everything else in life, fatty acids should be used in moderation. Today, we are looking at the effectiveness of fatty acids on the skin and answer a few critical questions related to the subject.

What are omega fatty acids?

Instead of boring you with many technical details, let’s keep it short and informative, with a dash of science. Omega fatty acids are unsaturated fatty acids with more than one bond between carbon atoms. Of course, if they only have one bond, they are called monounsaturated fatty acids; if they have two or more bonds, they are called polyunsaturated fatty acids. If you want to break them down into smaller and more specific types, here is a little help. There are three main kinds, which are:

·         Omega-3 fatty acids – there are a few which are incredibly common in this category, and they include – DHA, EPA, and ALA. The intensity of their importance is measured by the variety of health benefits they offer; as we can see, there are plenty. The Omega-3 fatty acids are a part of the membranes surrounding each cell in the body. Is omega-3 good for the body? Well, they are highly beneficial to the body, starting from the possibility of lowering cholesterol levels to the ability to reduce inflammation and assist in the development of brain function.

· Omega-6 fatty acids – these are one of the most common fatty acids in the world, mainly because they are all around us! They are primarily found in vegetable oils, especially linoleic acid.

· Omega-9 fatty acids are essential, especially oleic acid, one of the most prevalent omega-9 fatty acids.

Do they vary in any way?

The first difference is that Omega-3 and Omega-6 are polyunsaturated fatty acids, and Omega-9 is a monounsaturated fatty acid. This means that the latter cannot reproduce on their own. Nevertheless, despite their differences, they still have something in common – they all highly benefit the skin’s health. Even though Omega-3 and Omega-6 have been studied for a long time, including their properties, the three are still considered vital for having fresh and younger-looking skin.

The benefits of omega fatty acids on the skin

It is very easy to figure out how these compounds affect the body and the skin, especially in those cases where there is a lack of them in the first place. It seems that the topical application of these fatty acids, to be more specific, oils that contain these fatty acids, improve the function of the skin in terms of barrier and hydration.

In other words, omega fatty acids can keep the outer layer of the skin healthy, strong, and able to keep moisture in whenever needed. Using these oils can also lead to smoothing out the skin’s surface. This is one of the reasons why dermatologists keep recommending oils that contain omega fatty acids. They can soothe dry skin and help with issues connected to the skin’s barrier.

On top of that, fatty acids also bring anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties to the table. This makes them even more special and valuable in your everyday skincare routine.

Looking at the shining stars

While we are on the subject of facial oils, we would love to look at some of the best options you can go for. In addition, we are providing you with some of the best-sellers we have created just for you!

· Tamanu Cleansing Oil – the brightest star among its rank, the Tamanu Cleansing Oil is a beautiful gift you can use in the winter as the shield you never knew you needed. It contains antioxidant properties and can purify the skin from impurities, including makeup and sebum.

·  Illuminating Night Oil – as the skin needs care during the day, it also needs some love during the night. Created from some of the most precious oils gathered from all over the world, the Illuminating Night Oil focuses on smoothing out the fine lines on the skin’s surface. You will have a wonderful and youthful look in the morning while the oil works its magic overnight.

· Eye Bright Eye Oil – last but not least, once you start looking for something that can brighten, tone, and smooth out the area around the eyes, the Eye Bright Eye Oil should be on top of your list. It can give you a radiant appearance and provide the skin around the eyes with the lightness it deserves.

In an ideal world, we would be able to enjoy all weather conditions and not have to care about our skin, or we shouldn’t even worry about fine lines and aging at all. But because we are bound to take care of it, we should all do it correctly and with much love! Omega fatty acids have proven to be one of the best findings in modern medicine, and skincare companies have grasped them immediately (with a good reason). As we’ve mentioned, their effect is visible from day one!

If you want to bring clean beauty into your routine, look at our products and contact us too! We would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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