Roses are known as the flower of youth and since May & June are officially the months for roses, we are highlighting two rose drenched products.

Sara Elizabeth’s Flower Petal Peel has been packaged up for your weekly self-care regimen. It is delicately scented with relaxing rose distillate, this extremely potent masque is loaded with re-texturizing glycolic acid, offering amazing buffing and sloughing properties. After use, skin feels polished and perfected with a luminous shine.

Shara Elizabeth Rose Hydrosol has the intoxicating scent of a rose in full bloom. Its rich aroma makes it suitable as a subtle body spray, a refreshing toner for all skin types, and a room freshener.
Rose’s are beautifully aromatic and powerful skincare ingredients. It is packed full of vitamins A and C that are well-known for their necessity in collagen production. Collagen is the structural protein in skin that as a result maintains its firmness and suppleness.

As we age, collagen levels in the skin start to decrease dramatically (causing sagginess, wrinkles, and loss of volume). Vitamins A & C helps to stimulate skin and the production of collagen, resulting in more youthful, revitalized skin.

Vitamins A & C can also increase the skin’s brightness and tone, help pores appear smaller and even fade acne scarring. Many people have had great success in using rose to fade hyperpigmentation.


Author Sara Tucker

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