The era of jade rollers has come and gone. Today, the multiple results of the cryotherapy facial wands are where it’s at!

Cryotherapy literally means “cold therapy,” a technique that exposes the body to ultra-cold temperatures for several minutes. Perhaps your skin is puffy after too many bottomless mimosas or a sushi night. You wake up with a looming north star blemish, or you simply want a little extra pampering. Whatever the case, taking advantage of cryotherapy can take your beauty regimen one step further. Cryotherapy is proven to relieve the symptoms of a range of skin conditions, including eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, and hormonal acne. Treating the face with frigid temperatures results in younger, smoother, tighter facial skin and a more even skin tone. It also alleviates the stress of “tech neck” and tightens the delicate skin under the chin.  

Cryotherapy wands can treat unwanted blemishes, promote collagen production, and restore firmness—what’s not to love?


Cryotherapy wands will stimulate blood circulation and facilitate the efficient exchange of nutrients and waste within your cells. It’s especially effective in depuffing the delicate skin around your eyes by stimulating lymphatic drainage and targeting the buildup of fluid. This contributes to reduced inflammation and helps your body ward off the toxins and bacteria that could be leading to clogged pores and dull skin. In addition, cryotherapy wands can treat unwanted blemishes, promote collagen production, and restore firmness—what’s not to love?

In an in-house Sara Elizabeth Signature Herbal Facial temperatures will fluctuate. As I begin the facial with cozy warm temperatures it’s hard to notice as I gradually progress into frosty colder temperatures. Cold temperatures allow me to tighten large pores and revive and refine the complexion as a whole.

Of course a single Sara Elizabeth Signature Herbal Facial will give you visible benefits but accumulated regular use is most effective. Which is why my new cryotherapy facial wand is perfect for giving you easy access to that special glow. It tightens pores and adds a bright, glassy finish while soothing skin. Keeping redness and unsightly bumps at bay for hormonal acne clients who are sensitive to extractions. The ergonomic shape of the cryotherapy wand ensures that each area of your face gets maximum coverage.

Sure, you could always pop your jade roller in the freezer but it will never become cold enough to give you the same benefits as a cryotherapy wand. And while glass ice globes are also becoming popular at-home facial tools, I generally advise against putting anything close to your face that can crack or break in the freezer.

Cryotherapy wands are made with stainless steel and a special non-freezing liquid. They also stay extremely cold even without refrigeration.

You can use the cryotherapy wand on top of any sheet mask. In fact, you should never use it on bare skin! I especially recommend my Gigawhite Botanical Sheet Mask. It’s great when it comes to treating melasma and dark spots. You can also complement your at-home cryotherapy with my All in One Neroli Facial Oil, whose delicious scent profile and extra dose of hydration will maximize the benefits.

Bottom line:

While jade rollers may look pretty and elegant by our bathroom sinks, most skincare aficionados are looking for more efficient products that work wonders in and out of the facial room. So even if you can’t freeze time, you can always freeze the signs of environmental stress on your face!

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