Earth Element: Nourish

It’s no surprise that the earth element is associated with nourishment. Our Illuminating Nourishing Night Oil is fortified with precious oils from around the world including flower and herb-infused oils. This must-have face oil absorbs on-contact and helps smooth the appearance of fine lines. It helps repair the skin’s barrier and replace vital youth-renewing lipids lost with age, leaving skin refreshed and youthful-looking.

Metal Element: Shield

One of the attributes of the metal element is decline, which acts as a helpful reminder to stay ahead of the game. Add Matte Tint SPF 40 to your fall routine to preserve skin’s vitality and freshness, and prevent sun damage.

Water Element: Soothe

The Chinese element of water is tied to healing and soothing. Inca Inchi Intensive Hydrating & Firming Serum exactly what’s needed when cool air turns sensitive skin red, itchy and irritated. Reach for to comfort and rebalance over-reacting skin so it’s more resilient. It drenches, reshapes and restructures mature skin, the Lipactive Inchi Oil, rich in Omega 3, 6, and 9, protects and softens skin by preserving the natural lipid balance. This unique formula targets collagen stimulation, resulting in radiant skin.

Wood Element: Revitalize
Wood is associated with the springtime element of renewal. It’s also linked to the eyes, so it’s important to keep them as youthful as possible. Introducing bye bye baggage eye serum! Watch dark circles and puffiness fade, and eyes become bright and luminous. It is concentrated oligopeptide treatment is an herbal remedy that targets signs of aging in the eye area. Rich in saponosides and flavonoids, As a result, it strengthens capillaries and reactivates microcirculation—resulting in more elastic skin in as little as eight weeks.

Fire Element: Keep Warm
Harness the fire element’s exuberance for the holiday season. After prepping skin, smooth on our Neroli Perfume bath and Body Oil over your bodies pulse points. Frankenscents, Coconut and Neroli notes make this perfume elegant enough for formal occasions in the holiday season.

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