New Moon Bath Stones

New Moon Bath Stones.

Infuse your bath with the healing energies of New Moon Bath Stones and crystals. These work in unison with any of our bath soaks to provide the ultimate ritual bath. Place these into your bath water and immerse yourself into the water. All of these can be used inside the water except the selenite, place that on the edge of the tub!



New Moon Bath Stones

  • LABRADORITE: A beautiful gray, shimmering stone with highlights that can range from yellow to blue to purple. It is one of the most protective stones, helping you joinery into other states of consciousness and alternate realities. It helps bring out your magical powers and connect with your spirit guides. It represents the mysterious, dark side of the moon. It brings out psychic abilities and is the perfect stone for shamans.
  • OBSIDIAN: This is a very powerful stone with deep healing properties. It goes beyond this life into our past lives to heal trauma or unearthed emotions. It is also a highly protective stone, reflecting negative energies from attaching themselves to you. Use on a new moon to reflect any intrusive energy and to energize your bathwater.
  • BLACK MOONSTONE: This stone carries many of the same properties as white moonstone but with an emphasis on new beginnings. The new moon is a fresh slate, and this stone helps you start anew. Moonstone carries a strong feminine edgy that is tied to the lunar cycles. It is a gentle stone that opens up your inner emotions and to giving compassionate love.


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