Full Moon Bath Stones

Full Moon Bath Stones

Full Moon Bath Stones: New Beginnings, Dream Big, and Set intentions/goals, work towards something new – begin a new project, a new moon ritual can be a regular reminder to connect with the world around you and provide guidance in your life.

Full Moon Bath Stones

Infuse your bath with the healing energies of crystals. Full Moon Bath Stones work in unison with any of our bath soaks to provide the ultimate ritual bath. Place these into your bath water and immerse yourself into the water. All of these can be used inside the water except the selenite, place that on the edge of the tub!


Full Moon Bath Stones

Energize your bath water with these lunar bathing stones! Infusing your bath water with these stones will work in unison with any of our bath tea or soaks. Use these on the night of the full moon.  Drop these stones into your bath water and completely immerse yourself in the water.

  • CLEAR QUARTZ: The most powerful healing amplifier on the planet. It absorbs, stores, regulates, and releases stagnant energy. It works at a vibrational level attuned to the specific energy requirements of the person seeking healing. Quartz is the master healing and can be used for any condition. It stimulates the immune system and brings the body back into balance.
  • MOONSTONE: Is strongly connected to the moon and emotions. It is one of the best stones for calming emotions. It has receptive, passive, and feminine energy to carry you through extreme situations and emotional triggers. It soothes instability, stress, and acts as a mood stabilizer. It draws out old emotional patterns and can even promote lucid dreaming as well as restful sleep.
  • SELENITE: This stone carries a very finely tuned energy. It brings clarity and insight to a situation. It gives off an energy that brings peace and serenity. Selenite keeps you feeling protected from negative energy, and helps you feel serene throughout the day. It connects us to angelic beings and the spiritual realm. Know that you are being protected and kept safe when you are near a piece of selenite. (DO NOT place selenite in the water, just place on the edge of the tub. It will dissolve)

During a full moon, one must take a symbolic step toward an intention—whether it’s to become healthier, more positive, or more responsible. This is the time to take a serious step. When we take a deep look within ourselves, we will find that at times we carry the weight of burdens that we must let go of. Created with meaning and intention, crystals are natural relics from the earth that can aid in the creation of inner balance and peace.


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