z Beauty Herb – Comfrey

z Beauty Herb – Comfrey


z Beauty Herb – Comfrey

Comfrey contains many chemical constituents, including: 

  • Allantoin
    Found in the roots and leaves, allantoin helps new skin cells grow. Comfrey root contains 0.6–4.7% allantoin.
  • Rosmarinic acid
    A phenolic acid that helps relieve pain and inflammation. Comfrey roots contain up to 0.2% rosmarinic acid.
  • Tannins
    A defensive compound that protects the plant and can protect skin from bacteria and environmental toxins.
  • Mucilage
    A polysaccharide made up of fructose and glucose units. Comfrey root contains about 29% mucilage.
  • Pyrrolizidine alkaloids
    Poisonous chemicals vary in amount depending on the part of the plant used, its age, and the time of harvesting. Infants may be especially susceptible to injury from pyrrolizidine alkaloids.

Other chemical constituents of comfrey include: 

Flavonoids, Terpenoids, Triterpenes, Triterpene saponins, Sterols, Mucopolysaccharides. 

Comfrey is also rich in nutrients and minerals, including calcium, potassium, phosphorus, and vitamins A, C, and B12.


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