z Beauty Herb – Aloe Leaf

z Beauty Herb – Aloe Leaf


z Beauty Herb – Aloe Leaf

Aloe vera contains many chemical constituents, including: 

  • Vitamins: Aloe vera contains vitamins A, C, E, B12, folic acid, and choline.
  • Enzymes: Aloe vera contains amylase, catalase, and peroxidase enzymes.
  • Minerals: Aloe vera contains minerals such as zinc, copper, selenium, and calcium.
  • Sugars: Aloe vera contains monosaccharides such as mannose-6-phosphate and polysaccharides such as glucomannans.
  • Other compounds: Aloe vera contains flavonoids, terpenoids, lectins, fatty acids, anthraquinones, tannins, sterols, salicylic acid, amino acids, and phenol.
  • Polysaccharides: Aloe vera gel contains polysaccharides such as glucomannan and acemannan.
  • Anthraquinone glycosides: Aloe vera gel contains anthraquinone glycosides such as aloin, aloe-emodin, and barbaloin.
Aloe vera has soothing, hydrating, and anti-inflammatory properties. It can help moisturize the skin, promote healing, reduce irritation, and improve the complexion’s overall appearance.


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