Do you know what a cryotherapy facial is? Do you know how this facial works? You have reached your destination. In this blog, we will cover some crucial things about this facial. So, keep reading to learn more. 

Cryotherapy is nothing but a cold therapy that is used to expose your body or one of your body parts to subzero temperatures for a few minutes. 

After all, first of all, this therapy was started in Japan in 1978 by the Japanese rheumatologist Dr. Toshima Yamaguchi.

Furthermore, cryotherapy facials can be done on your face. And when it comes to doing it for the entire body, it is known as whole-body cryotherapy. Moreover, continue reading to learn more. 

How does cryotherapy work on your face?

In this facial, the facial professional first concentrates liquid nitrogen in a hose and transforms it into a pressurized beam of vapor. The vapor goes through your face along with your neck and scalp in order to boost microcirculation. Microcirculation is when the smallest blood vessels receive blood circulation. 

In that way, the process affects collagen production resulting in a lifted and tightening effect. It happens because when the intense cold allows your blood vessels to contract, your pores get tightened. 

After all, when your skin receives its normal temperature, the blood vessels start dilating quickly, promoting blood flow and oxygen on the face. The final result will make your skin glow and vibrant and make your lips look good. 

Who can go for this facial?

Cryotherapy facials combine non-invasive cosmetic procedures. Unlike some kinds of peel or microdermabrasion, you don’t find your skin looks red or raw with this facial.  

Anyone can go for this cold facial if they want to have a glow on their face. Or anyone who thinks that their skin is tired or dull, cryotherapy will be a great way to go.

Kindly note that if you are pregnant, you should consult your health professional before getting a cryo facial. 

What can you expect during this facial?

After you schedule your appointment and visit the facial studio, the facial expert will take you through several steps in order to prepare you for the facial. After all, the process may include the following things:

  • First, the facial professional will clean and wash your face and then dry it. Many professionals can steam your face or offer you a gentle massage for lymphatic drainage before they get started with the further process. 
  • You may need to remove all the jewelry during the process. They may offer you goggles to save your eyes. 
  • Now the professional will use liquid nitrogen on your face from the hose. You will feel cold, like putting your face in a freezer. 
  • Your face will have the hose for 3 minutes. You may find a relaxing sensation on your face. 
  • Finally, the facial technician will use a moisturizer or serum on your face. In some cases, they may take you through another facial. After all these things, your cryo facial is done. 

What are the targeted areas by cryo facial?

Cryo facial primarily targets the face. But it can also target your low neckline. 

Further, health care professionals may use this therapy technique on many other body areas. They can also use it to relieve the symptoms of migraine and arthritis pain. It is also beneficial in treating mood disorders, freezing cancer cells, and more. 


Cryotherapy facial is an easy process to deal with facial skin issues. After this facial, you don’t need to wait longer to do your daily activities. You can start doing what you want immediately. To learn more, read the complete guide. 
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