Vegan Nail Lacquer ROYAL

Vegan Nail Lacquer ROYAL

Cruelty free with the highest quality vegan products to produce the safest toxin-free nail polish available – Guilt Free!


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Vegan Nail Lacquer ROYAL

NO FORMALDEHYDE~classified as a known carcinogen, formaldehyde is often used as a preservative, nail hardener and strengthener in conventional polishes.

NO TOLUENE~included in some polishes as a solvent to smooth application, is has been linked to impaired human reproduction and development, impaired breathing, being harmful to the nervous system and nausea.

NO DIBUTYL PHTHALATE (DBT)~shown to affect the reproductive system and linked to cancer, DBP has been

used as plasticizer and solvent to increase wear.

NO FORMALDEHYDE RESIN~a derivative of formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin is often used as a hardener and in large doses can be a skin allergen.

NO CAMPHOR~ added to some polishes for high-shine, camphor can cause allergic reactions in large doses, cause irritation, dizziness, nausea and headaches.

NO TRIPHENYL PHOSPHATE (TPHP)~ also known as TPP, research suggests it causes changes in hormone

regulation, metabolism and reproductive systems. it has been used in polish as a plasticizer which makes the polish flexible yet durable.

NO XYLENE~ used by some brands to help polish from getting gloppy, xylene is also a known allergen and a possible carcinogen.

NO ETHYL TOSYLAMIDE/EPOXY RESIN~ this ingredient has antibiotic properties which raises concern over antibiotic resistance. it can be used as a plasticizer to help polishes dry faster.

NO PARABENS~ used as preservatives, parabens get a bad rep for having estrogen-mimicking effects which may trigger hormonal problems.

NO GLUTEN~ hydrolyzed wheat protein, while considered nontoxic by some, does pose potentially serious issues for those who are gluten intolerant. used to help moisturize soft, brittle nails, it presents an allergy concern.

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