Harness the Power of Anti-Aging Herbs.

Once you walk into a store that focuses on healthy foods, you will notice an herb corner filled with all kinds of plants. This should not be an uncommon sight, especially since medicinal herbs have been present for ages. They have been used for a long time, and now, thankfully, they are available to anyone – at the tips of their fingers.

For the more common person, using herbs is an everyday occurrence. We add them to our dishes, drink teas made with them, and more. But, you might not have been aware that herbs have been used for a long time in the beauty department too. It seems that for a while now, a few combinations of herbs have more than medicinal properties –  they have properties that are beneficial for the skin, especially anti-aging herbs.

Beauty herbs have been known as a part of traditional medicine that has remained intact for ages. Before going into the best anti-aging herbs, you need to know that processing them is a necessary thing to do if you want to preserve their potency and make their use more practical than it is. Today we’ll show you how to maximize their use and fully harness their power.

When to pick the highest potency of the phytomedicine?

First things first, we should explain what phytomedicine is. It’s a medicine that derives from using plants in a specific form or in their original state. They can come with many benefits, and people often use them.

If you are interested in choosing the right herbs with the highest potency, you need to evaluate your needs. Think about how you would like to incorporate the herbs into your life and what you expect them to do for you. Even though they have been used to elevate the entire body, mind, and mood, they are also used in many anti-aging skincare products. Distilling herbs is an old practice that has had plenty of benefits for the appearance and health of the skin.

How is it processed, and what is the purpose of skincare?

The herbs may come from a variety of sources. They can either be picked from a farm or wild-foraged. Sourcing is one aspect that truly matters since it can affect the potency and the environment. According to a few experts, the best way to source them is from their natural habitat. If you want to take the most out of the beautiful anti-aging herbs and enjoy their properties, then all you need to do is pick them from where they grow naturally. By doing this, you will reap the benefits firsthand!

Another essential thing to know is how herbs are processed. Processing is a very important aspect since it manages to preserve potency. Additionally, you can preserve most of its properties instead of letting the herb go to waste. 

There are plenty of processing methods, depending on what you want to use them for. Some of the few preparation methods include infusions, capsules, teas, powders, poultices, tinctures, salves, and balms. When it comes to the purpose of beauty, herbs pave the way to healthy, glowing skin. You will immediately notice the difference if you add them to your daily skincare routine. Your skin will be radiant and soon become very clean and clear. 

Since they are known for their healing properties, we know herbs have been used for quite some time. Naturally, we wanted to try them out! Whichever herbal infusion you are going for will provide you with anti-inflammatory, hydration, anti-bacterial, and even wound-healing benefits.

The variety of plants can treat common skin issues, such as acne, sunburn, and even eczema. But that doesn’t mean they are only used to treat conditions – you can still use herbs in your standard daily anti-aging skincare routine. We suggest going for plant-powered products since they’re much safer for the skin, and the benefits are instantly visible!

Let’s look at some of the most common ways to incorporate beauty herbs into your daily routine.

  • Hydrosol

Hydrosol, also known as flower water, is made through a unique way of distilling herbs. It has very similar properties to essential oils. Only it is much less concentrated. You can notice that from the scent since hydrosols don’t have a potent smell. They tend to have a more aromatic note, one that is more earthy. 

Hydrosols are a secret passed through many generations, finally reaching its broader audience in the last few years. Depending on your skin’s needs and choice of aroma, you can easily find the perfect combination.

Before we see some of the best hydrosols you can find on the market, let’s see what they can do for you. Regarding skincare benefits, these anti-aging herbs can provide soothing and uplifting properties. They are considered the perfect refreshment for all those who want a rejuvenated feel to their face.

1.       Rose Hydrosol – this type of herbal water that is so gentle you can use it directly on your skin. This is the best product for you if you want that extra kick in combination with your essential oil.

2.       Palo Santo Hydrosol – prepare your body and the space around you for the meditation that is about to come. This hydrosol is perfect for cleansing a specific space and helping your mind focus on one thing at a time. The good thing about this hydrosol is that you can even clear your crystals!

3.       Neroli Flower Hydrosol – is considered a remarkable hydrosol from Lebanon. It can fill you with an uplifting aroma you have never sensed before. Once you take a whiff of this, you will instantly fall in love with it.

  • Essential oils

Essential oils are not uncommon or unknown to us. They are a very well-known product that most people tend to use in their everyday life. Whether adding some of it for relaxation or incorporating it into your skincare routine, they are one of the best products you can use. Essential oils provide many benefits for the skin, including strengthening the outer layer that can protect the overall skin from any outside influences.

They are made from pressing or steaming various parts of a plant, including the leaves, the flower, the bark, the fruit, and everything that can release a certain kind of essence.

This later becomes a fragrance-filled bottle of joy that you can use anytime. Let’s look at the best one you can add to your routine.

1.       Moroccan Chamomile Cleansing Balm – if you are looking for a product that can calm down your stressed and irritated skin, this is perfect for you! A particular velvety texture comes with this balm, and it slips right between your fingers while turning into an oil that can do wonders for your skin. You can use it in multiple ways and still reap the benefits that come with it.

  • Infusions

Infusions are something we use pretty often in our bespoke Apothecary facials – this is something that has to be experienced and felt on your skin. The best part? They feature anti-aging herbs.

  • Teas, tisanes, and dried herbs

We also love using various teas, tisanes, and dried herbs in our bespoke Apothecary facial service. Not only do they boost mindfulness, but they can help you achieve perfectly smooth skin.

  • Poultices

Lastly, another blend we can prepare in our bespoke Apothecary facial service station is poulticed. They provide a cleansing feeling, mainly when an infection occurs, and the bacteria must be drawn out.

Herbalism has always been known as a complex science that can unveil answers to what modern medicine has tried to answer for a more extended period. All you need is some guided research on anti-aging herbs, and you will be set on your path to healthy skin!

We like to believe that our brand is always open for communication! Feel free to contact us with any questions about our products! You can always turn to our brand for natural skin care products that could make all the difference in your facial services and experience. You can be a professional or an enthusiast – that does not matter – all that matters is that you are taking steps toward creating a healthier self!

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