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~BOOK Facials & Treatments HERE~


Catering to everyone from rock star to the domestically chic…
Grab your goblets, this hyped-but-hidden boutique-style day spa with its own indie advanced botanical skincare line will make you think you’ve discovered the fountain of youth.

We are by appointment only

and mobile



This amazing signature facial is award winning and a bridal favorite!

We start with deep cleansing of the face and chest using lots of steam, layers of enzymes from pineapple and papaya. Pore tightening extractions for flawless skin. Then tighten the facial muscles with Sara Elizabeth’s intense signature lift and sculpt facial massage with manuka honey. We love to bathe the skin with powerful brightening botanical ingredients like alpha arbutin (derived from bearberry) and kojic acid( derived from a Japanese mushroom),  daisy extract and licorice and effective anti inflammatory and anti bacterial Azalaic acid (derives from barley).

 This facial comes to a close with a brightening and firming and hydrating drench mask with ginseng, turmeric, chamomile and magnesium.

Cost $145.00

add $20 for ultrasound dermabrasion


This ground breaking facial’s profoundly effective formula includes the most powerful antioxidant, detoxification, hydration, nutrition, and balancing ingredients from the plant kingdom, both above and below the sea. This Raw Botanical Facial employs fresh active ingresients that are absorbed through our skin for repair, regeneration, and long-term maintenance. This facial will definitely rock your “green” world!

~We also have the option to make this facial organic  using product from Sara Elizabeth’s Organic’s. (Our certified product collection).

Cost $125.00

add $10 for ultrasound dermabrasion




Found to kill acne bacteria, accelerate the repair and replenishment of damaged cells, and aid in the production of collagen.  Light therapy  has shown strong efficacy for the treatment of inflammatory acne, rosacea, wrinkles, sun damage, and uneven skin tone.

Cleansing, exfoliating and an LED Light Mask for 20 minutes.




Microcurrent therapy was originally developed as a medical application to treat facial palsy and muscle tone was restored by applying tiny micro-current electrical impulses to the affected muscles. Today this proven technology is now available in thousands of aesthetic clinics as a painless cosmetic treatment and is commonly referred to as “facial toning” or “the non surgical face lift”. During each 1 hour treatment session all 32 facial muscles are gently manipulated and re-educated by a trained therapist using a series of precise movements.  Soft cotton tipped wands are used on the face to transmit the micro-current energy to the facial muscles to restore tone and elasticity. Results are visible after the very first treatment but a course of twelve treatments is generally recommended. After a course of micro current facial toning treatments facial contours will look lifted and toned. A monthly treatment is recommended to maintain results.



For smoother, younger-looking skin!

DERMAGLOW delivers a controlled stream of microcrystals over the skin through a special hand piece. By gently polishing the skin and removing dead skin cells, oils and other buildup, it is possible to improve many skin conditions and the imperfections that lead to premature aging. This particle skin exfoliation treatment turns back the effects of time and is ideal for both men and women desiring healthy younger looking skin.

Dermaglow has been proven effective for the treatment of: fine lines and wrinkles, sun damaged skin, acne/acne scars, excess oils, black or whiteheads, stretch marks, pore size and superficial age spots…should I continue?! A quick pick me up for all skin types!

A slight windburn sensation may be experienced and you can return to your daily activities immediately following treatment.

Treatments are most effective in a series of 4 or more.



Powerful Exfoliation & Deep Cleansing For All Skin Types

A cosmetic ultrasound that cleanses by releasing cellular debris, such as pigmentation and toxins that are stuck within the cellular layers. This treatment brings the debris to the surface and then exfoliates them without irritation, to reveal a beautiful, healthy glow instantly. Then when you thought it couldn’t get any better, it does….we push sustainable vitaminic molecules deep into the skin using another form of cosmetic ultrasound.



Reduces fine lines, strengthens elasticity, and provides relief for dull, sun-damaged skin.

We use a galvanic current to ionize the vitamin C and help to firm and hydrate, tighten pores, decrease inflammation, increase collagen production, and promote new cell growth! Your complexion resurfaces renewed, firm and extremely smooth with a luminous glow.

~not for pregnant women~ not for persons with heart conditions~not for persons having any metal in their body

~Un Petite Amour ~ MINI TREATMENTS Microdermabrasion or Flower Petal Peel


 Sometimes all your skin needs is a little love with a price you will love!

Instantly unveil your radiant skin with a 10 minute professional-strength mini treatment.

Whether you’re heading back to work for a big presentation or prepping for an evening event, Un Petite Amour Mini Treatments  by Sara Elizabeth Skincare offers the perfect skin pick-me-up for all skin types. And yes,that includes you, Ms. sensitive skin!

Sara Elizabeth has listened to your requests! She has shaken and stirred and come up with a Un Petite Amour Mini Treatments just for you!

Un Petite Amour Mini Treatments are available by appointment only at  Sara Elizabeth Skincare